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Folk > Jackson Parten

Jackson Parten:
Jackson Parten was born and raised in San Antonio, although he spent some time in Arkansas and New York City. Raised on a steady diet of Beatles, Cash, Stones, Earle, and Zevon, Jackson’s musical style is based on a diversely formed foundation. His first album, Jackson Parten, a country record, was universally lauded by critics and spawned the Hill Country hit “Smoke ‘Em
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   Our Facts
From San Antonio, TX

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2010 - Moving In Place $6.00
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1Easy Target4:07
2Moving In Place3:31
3How Does It Feel3:51
6Burn Me Alive3:42
7Shimmer and Shine3:30
Jackson Parten - 2001 - OUT OF PRINT $8.00
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1Till I'm OK5:19
2Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em3:51
3Don't Want You3:04
4No Better3:14
5Hit Or Miss4:45
6Mile Out Of Memphis2:44
8I Knew You Would4:41
9Ode To Emily (NY State)3:35
10Standing In The Sun3:46
The Sum Of All Parts - 2004 $10.00
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1No Importance4:18
2Few More3:41
4Miss Communication4:01
5Nothing At All5:44
6Nighttime Corpus4:52
7Not The Same4:13
8Hello Again4:23
9Part-Time Man4:54
10That Didn't Last3:55
11Thanks For Your Concern3:41
12Bitter Or Better (plus hidden track)9:16


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Bitter Or Better (plus hidden track)
Nighttime Corpus
No Importance

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