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Rock > Alt-Country > Randy Crouch

Randy Crouch:
"A Red Dirt legend by his talent and virtuosity" - Larry Mofle,

"Crouch, often referred to as the “World’s Greatest Rock and Roll Fiddle Player,” is a groundbreaker on the Red Dirt music scene. Best known for his incredible fiddle playing, he also plays guitar, pedal steel, piano, and a mean slide mandolin. As if his exceptional musicianship
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   Our Facts
From Moodys, OK
Influence(s) Jimi Hendrix, Bob Wills, Buckminster Fuller

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2009 - Just A Few More Things $10.00
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1Just A Few More Things4:45
2Divorce My TV4:41
3Cicada Song4:39
4Can't Not Rock5:41
5Heaven All Around4:17
6Rock N Roll Delusion (Monkeys In A Cage)3:40
7Music Don't Care4:13
8Outrun The Game6:27
9Kiss It Goodbye8:31
10Catch The Light5:01
It's Too Bad - 1997 $9.00
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1Somethings Wrong4:01
2Hurry Up3:58
3Mexican Holiday3:06
4Riding With The Blues3:45
5Don't Shoot My Dog3:40
6Take It As It Comes3:13
7Next Time This Time4:37
8It's A Crime5:29
9Ain't No Justice4:22
10It's Too Bad3:48
Natural Selection - 2004 $12.00
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1Back To The Woods3:10
2Time To Party3:11
3Ain't No Justice2:54
4It's A Crime3:42
5Ridin' With The Blues3:28
6No Good Reason2:51
7Take It As It Comes3:27
10Waitin' To Score3:29
11Wagoner Girls2:37
12Outlaw Trail4:01
14Bigshot Rich Man3:19
15Natural Selection4:08
16The Lone Ranger2:32
17Hope You Make It4:50
Take Two - 1995 $10.00
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1Sun & Wind6:41
2Junkyard Blues3:34
3Wichita Mountains7:03
4On The Illinois3:55
5Back In The Hills6:55
6Space Whales1:48
7The Epic4:26
8The Face On Mars10:21
9Orange Blossom Spaceship3:44
10Moon Man Song7:34
11The Monster4:45
The Flying Horse Opera - 1996 $10.00
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1Intro Spacewails1:04
2The Epic (Swinging Science Fiction Country Western Band)4:30
3The Monster5:42
5Grandfathers Theme6:37
7The Hole1:18
8Fallin' Away5:23
9On The Illinois3:47
10Big Shot Rich Man3:04
11Orange Blossom Spaceship3:38
12Back In The Hills6:51
Unplugged - 1998 $11.00
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2Something's Wrong3:19
4Riding With The Blues3:57
5Light Of Love5:21
6Mexican Holiday3:38
7Don't Shoot My Dog3:45
8Way Things Turn Around3:03
9Sailing Off The World5:54
10Questions & Answers3:56
12Peace On Earth6:20
13Face On Mars3:26
14Back In The Hills8:51
15Geese II (Reprise)3:02
What's Goin' On - 2003 $9.00
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1Got Time To Party4:09
2What's Goin' On3:02
4Wagoner Girls2:58
5Winging It In On A Prayer4:19
6Jesus Was A Refugee3:48
7Living In A Dream7:30
8Wichita Mountains6:28
9On The Trail Of The Ancient Ones6:31
10Travelin' On4:04


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