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Country > Texas Country > Michael O Neal

Michael O Neal:
Michael O'Neal (vocals / guitar) -

Music makes the world go around, or at least that is how I feel. I have always loved music. I can remember listening to Merle Haggard & Johnny Cash with my Dad when I was about 5 years old and I knew there was something cool about it.

When I got into Junior High I started listening to Hank Jr. and that lead to
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   Our Facts
From Paris, TX

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Dark Side Of A Small Town - 2004 $10.00
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152 Les Paul4:44
2Till Death Do Us Part5:53
3The Promise Ring4:27
5Hey Mama3:03
6Adam's Song4:37
7Halfway House5:12
8Cocaine Blues3:16
10The Lost Train3:49
11Rob's Blues4:36
127 12's4:46
Souls Shine - 2006 $11.00
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1Terrible Sunrise4:52
2The Tall Man on My Right Hand3:55
3Fightin' Love3:41
4One More Song4:36
6No Surprise4:50
7The Vet6:49
8Abe Taylor3:36
9A Bob Dylan Song4:25
10Granny's Love4:59
11Ft. Worth4:53
12Bury Me With Soldiers4:27
13Soul Shine6:35


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7 12's
52 Les Paul
Terrible Sunrise

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