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Country > Americana > John D. Hale Band

John D. Hale Band:
In todayís world of over produced country music that is made for the masses, itís not always a bad thing to be a little left of center or to do things your own way and not have 25 people looking over your shoulder telling you what to be, what to wear, how to sing and which songs to sing. That road that is a little left of center is the exact road that the members of the
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From Jackson, MO

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2012 - More Than I Can Handle $9.00
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1More Than I Can Handle4:55
2Sin for Sin3:32
3Back to You4:16
4Hearts Like Us3:41
5Harold Wilson4:38
6Muddy River4:40
7Satisfy Your Love3:28
8One Way Track3:08
9Desperate People4:17
10Devil in Disguise3:25
Lost - 2007 $8.00
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2Someday He Might4:22
3Only Time Will Tell2:57
5What Love Is All About4:00
6L.A. County5:20
7Pistol In Each Hand4:03
8Stake Our Claim Again4:00
9Sweet Suzanne3:11
10Love Pulled The Trigger2:50
11Put Me In The Ground (w/Hidden Track)9:42
One Of A Kind $8.00
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**This album may be missing songs that are present on the released media.
1I'm Gonna Leave You3:28
2Who Knows What Tomorrow Brings3:22
3Back To Texas3:25
5Jedd Black3:31
6Tired Of Being Me3:33
7Face Down Dead3:55
8The Ballad Of White Trash Charlie3:57
9One Of A Kind3:17
10Lake Elizabeth3:28
11Rebel Soldier5:13
12Outlaw Groove4:23


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